Well hello, there..

You are about to start a wonderful journey of healing with the power of plant based products and essential oils! We are here to help you every step of the way! Essential oils have became a staple in our home and has changed our lives. Studies and research has shown the wonderful benefits of essential oils and they are in millions of homes worldwide, as well as in hospitals and other health care professional practices.

Weather you are an essential oil newbie looking for tips, tricks and education or a seasoned oil user who is looking to share their oils and grow a business, our team will help guide you on your holistic journey.

A little about me:


My name is Amy and I’m a wife and mom to two daughters. I am extremely lucky to be a stay at home mom to our girls, I am a seamstress who also loves all DIY and craft projects, coffee, shiplap and of course sharing my passion of essential oils.

My story begins like so many others who start to explore the many benefits of natural options. For me, it began when our youngest daughter was born. Since birth she suffered from severe digestive issues and constipation, there came a point that even our health care providers were out of ideas and this momma was desperate for a solution. A dear seamstress friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in trying a sample of  Digestzen a blend for digestive support -to be quite honest I thought she crazy, but I agreed.

I received my oil sample in the mail and it sat there until I finally decided that nothing else was working so why not give this oil a shot, my belief in the power of these oils happened that day when I seen her little belly become less bloated in a matter of minutes, within 3 days of continued use she was having regular bowel movements.

Our success with Digestzen is what paved the way for my family to explore the benefits of natural options and essential oils. However, I gained something else from doterra and these oils: Empowerment. You see, I now have these amazing tools, and resources at my fingertips to help me care for my family. Weather its a fever, sickness or a boo-boo I have pure, synthetic free alternatives that I know are safe for everyone in my home.