31 Essential Oil Hacks You Probably Didnt Know About

Essential oils have completely changed our life and this makes it hard for me to not want to talk about them all the time- seriously just ask my husband. In all my research and everyday use I’ve found some essential oil hacks that not only make my life just a little bit easier but some of these also save me some cash!

So here are my favorite 31 essential oil hacks that you need to know:

  1. If you accidently get a “hot” oil on your skin or just an oil in your eye(s), dilute the areas with your fractionated coconut oil ( If you don’t have FCO, any vegetable oil with work) this will counteract the effect. NEVER add water as it can intensify the effect of the “hot” oils. * Hot or spicy oils include Oregano, Cinnamon and Cassia for example.
  2. Add 1 drop of Lavender to your mascara to help thicken lashes.
  3. Use Lemon as an all natural goo-gone.
  4. Non-toxic nail polish remover? Try Lemongrass.
  5. Add a dab of Correct-x under the eyes with a q-tip before applying concealer. This will help the makeup blend in easier and smoother plus it has amazing skin benefiting oils already in it, these oils will help reduce under eye dark circles and puffiness.
  6. Drank to much? Reduce hangover symptoms with Zendocrine, Apply topically to abdomen and/or take internally. This trick is best used before bed but if you forget do it first thing in the morning, don’t forget to also stay hydrated.
  7. If you run out of toner use Cedarwood to reduce pores.
  8. If you experience pressure in your ears due to flying, chew slim and sassy gum and apply Aromatouch around ears.
  9. Clove essential oil offering a distinct numbing effect which is wonderful for tooth/mouth discomfort.
  10. Fill an empty roller bottle with On Guard laundry detergent and use as a stain remover stick.
  11. Add a drop of Peppermint to your lip gloss for plump lips.
  12. Bug bite or sting? Apply the mud mask to soothe and help dry up the bite as well as draw out the toxins from stings.
  13. If you run out of your Breathe Blend– use Digestzen as an alternative to open the airways.
  14. We all know winter can be harsh on the skin, applying the root to tip serum to your cubicles can help strengthen and nourish the skin to prevent cracking, dry or peeling skin.
  15. Make your husband think you’ve been cleaning all day by freshening the bathrooms with a drop of oil like Lemon, Wild Orange, or Citrus Bliss onto the cardboard part of your toilet paper rolls.
  16. Give new life to tarnished jewelry by buffing them with a dab of On Guard toothpaste.
  17. Add your empty oil bottles into a glass container filled with Epsom salts. The salts will soak up all the leftover oils from your empty bottles so no waste AND you get to use the oil infused salts to soak in the tub.
  18. Nothing coming out of your skincare, lotion or shampoo bottles? Cut the bottles in half and you’ll be surprised by how much product you have left.
  19. Use 3 TBSP of rose water, 1 TBSP witch hazel, and 1 drop Passion in a small spray bottle, shake well. You now have an easy, non-toxic makeup setting spray.
  20. On Guard foaming hand soap makes a great makeup brush cleaner.
  21. Use a drop of Zendocrine on a breakout before bed.
  22. Add a drop of DDR Prime into the water of your fresh flowers to keep them looking healthy and happy for a longer time.
  23. Stop crying! Leave an opened bottle of Purify by your cutting board while chopping onions.
  24. Adding Cinnamon or Cassia to your coffee offers wonderful immunity boosting benefits and it tastes yummy.
  25. Add a drop of Blue Tansy to your mud mask for an even bigger skin soothing, blemish busting combo.
  26. Do you burp up some of your essential oils when taken internally? Add your essential oils into your veggie capsules as usual but top with a few drops of Olive Oil. The fats in the vegetable oil helps reduce that unwanted side effect.
  27. More empty oil bottles? Remove the orifice reducer, fill with water and add to your diffuser. I get a little twitchy when I think I’m wasting my precious oils.
  28. Soak apple slices in a bowl of water and 1-2 drops On Guard. The apples soak up the wonderful taste of On Guard, you get the immune boosting benefits and it helps keep your apples from turning brown as quick.
  29. What mom hasn’t forgotten a load of laundry in the wash? Add a couple drops of Purify and do a rinse only cycle- no more musty smelling laundry.
  30. Now that you’ve used all the oils from your empty bottles, you can now reuse the bottles to make your own sprays, diffuser blends or roller blends by adding roller tops and spray bottles fromĀ EOS Life.
  31. Toddler had stickers? Lemon will remove those stickers in a flash and even that leftover sticky residue. Also allow said toddler to breathe in Cheer– our tantrum tamer if you had to confiscate said stickers.

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