Essential Oils for Women’s Health & Love Potions

Can you believe its almost February already? February is the month of love and to celebrate I wanted to talk about the essential oils that are must haves for women’s health, as well as some love potions you can whip up to have an unforgettable Valentines Day.

Essential Oils have been used all through out history to increase sexuality and passion by providing a lovely atmosphere with their fragrances, helping relieve emotional exhaustion, relax the mind and body as well as increasing libido. When using essential oils for this purpose they are mostly used topically and aromatically, different oils will appeal to different people- when it comes to intimacy this journey will be about discovering what works best for you and your partner.

Essential Oils for Women’s Health

Clary Sage:

  • Monthly Cramping– Apply Neat or Diluted directly onto your abdomen to ease menstrual cramping.
  • PMS & Menopause– Take in a veggie capsule or apply to abdomen and bottoms of feet.
  • Hot Flashes– Apply a few drops of Clary Sage and Peppermint into a spray bottle with water and spritz on the back of neck for a cooling relief.
  • Child Birth and Low Milk Supply– Apply diluted down the spine or over abdomen to help bring on labor. (Because of the labor inducing qualities of this oil, its not recommend to use during the early stages of pregnancy) Apply topically to each breast to help with lactation.


  • PMS & Hormone Balancing– Massage on abdomen take a drop under the tongue.
  • Low Libido– Massage diluted over the abdomen or take a drop under the tongue to help increase sexual drive.


  • Uterine Health, Labor & Delivery– Roll over abdomen and to reflex points.
  • PMS & Low Libido– Roll over back of neck and over abdomen.
  • Ovulation and Fertility– Roll over abdomen to help regulate hormones.
  • Jasmine comes in a convenient touch roller that is pre-diluted for easy use. It is also known to be an aphrodisiac.


  • Loss of sexual arousal– Roll onto back of neck, over heart, or inhale from cupped hands. Diffuse.
  • PMS, Menopause, and Hormone Imbalance– Roll onto abdomen and/or inhale from cupped hands.
  • Childbirth and Pregnancy– Roll under nose and/or abdomen to soothe mother. Roll onto lower back to help ease anxious feelings during labor.
  • Monthly Cramping– Roll directly onto abdomen.
  • Neroli comes in a pre-diluted touch roller.


  • Low Libido– Roll onto the abdomen or bottoms of feet. You can also diffuse or inhale from cupped hands.
  • Irregular Cycles– Roll over abdomen.
  • Rose also comes in a pre-diluted touch roller.


  • Anxious feelings– Diffuse or apply under the nose and back of neck to calm emotions.
  • Natural Aphrodisiac.

Ylang Ylang:

  • Low Libido & Hormone Imbalance– Apply to abdomen and pulse points or take under tongue/veggie capsule.
  • Natural Aphrodisiac
  • We use Ylang Ylang exclusively in our bedroom. Adding 4-5 drops to a small amount of coconut oil as lube helps with an increase in blood flow, as well as reaching and prolonging climax.


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