I Have My Oils, Now What?

Welcome to the tribe, i’m so glad your here!

Our team believes that education is so important! What good are your oils if you don’t know how to use them? Our mission is to provide you with many resources so you can use your essential oils and products with confidence, here you will find information and links to books/other resources that we love and use, plus links to supplies that you also might find helpful.

Once you have your wholesale membership our team has some exclusive perks! Facebook groups full of information, education, resources and they are great places to learn and ask questions. You will receive an email from me with links to all of our groups. Our team also offers Oil Camp, it was designed to provide group coaching and support to new oil users. Its a quick, two week Facebook online camp that you can do at your own pace. This camp will help you dive into your new oils and start experiencing greater wellness right away, oil camp also has fun prizes at the end just for participating! You will also get an email with a FREE sign up link for Oil Camp as well.

Books we love:

The Essential Life book is one of my favorites! It includes information about each single oil and blend as well as usage information, history of essential oils, recipes and much more! Its a great reference to have on hand. You can find this book here.

This book talks about all of the essential oil singles and blends and how they correlate with your emotions. When I first started with essential oils I was so intrigued by the power of the oils to help us heal on an emotional level- this book has been an amazing resource for me. You can find this book here.


10 mL Glass Amber Roller Bottles- For making your own blends

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Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)- Carrier oil

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5 mL Roller Bottles- These are perfect for small blends and for sharing.

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Adorable handcrafted essential oil bag so you can carry your oils with you on the go.

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16oz glass spray bottles, perfect for making all your homemade cleaners.

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These 2oz glass spray bottles are the perfect size for travelling. You can make your own Boo-Boo spray blend, sanitizer sprays that are great for spraying little hands and shopping cart handles etc.

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