The Truth About Using Essential Oils Internally That May Change Your Perspective

First Thing First:

The notion of using essential oils internally can cause some confusion- there are different schools of thoughts on this. That being said, there are different schools of thoughts on EVERTHING. For example some dentists promote and use fluoride while others spend there life preaching against it- but both dentist care about the oral health of their patients.Its the same with essential oils- many agree that internal use of doTERRA is totally fine, others don’t agree at all, but all love oils and the benefits they bring to the body and the desire to educate people. We primarily follow French methods, which promote internal usage.


40 years ago, oils were only used topically and in perfumes. So it would be absurd for them to think of using oils internally- would you drink perfume? These oils are not harvested for internal use- they were harvested using solvents designed for perfumes. Its in the last 30 years that aromatherapy has become popular for medical purposes, and only in the last 10 that internal use has gained in popularity. There is most definitely a learning curve in the essential oil community, again, some schools of thought are progressing forward and some are holding onto outdated science. Furthermore, since aromatherapy certification isn’t regulated like licensure for things like teaching, nursing, etc. It looses some clout in a lot of peoples opinions. If I wanted, I could become an aromatherapist in just a few hours.

Safety & Research:

Now of course everyone wants to use their essential oils safely, but I do not know of a single case or instance that the internal use of doTERRA’s essential oils causing any type of organ damage- which is what the nay sayers are arguing. On the contrary, we have seen countless testimonies about the benefits of internal usage, these results that have gone way beyond expectation.

I can’t say this enough but, do your research! This may sound odd, coming from a blog but don’t get your research from all these bloggers on the internet. Most of these bloggers have scary title’s because they simply want you to click their link- because for most that’s how they get paid. My Mom’s A Hippie is my place to educate people on essential oils, and help my tribe use their oils safely and effectively- this is NOT my source of income. So where can you get accurate research? When you search for “internal” on there are plenty of studies where they have tested oils internally and published their results. is also another great resource to read medical studies. Now I know that these medical studies are hard to read- but try! Challenge your self, you will learn accurate, proven, tried and true essential oil education.

My whole family takes our oils internally everyday, weather its Lemon in our water or Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint for seasonal support we follow the basic rule of thumb which is 20-25 drops a day- because we know that too much of a good thing, is still too much. DoTERRA oils that are recommended for internal use will have a supplement fact label and an expiration date. Does that mean the oils will go bad? Not quite- oils can loose their potency over time (were talking YEARS). They have this date because the FDA  recognizes that they are up to the GRAS Standard. (Generally Regarded as Safe).

With everything, you can make your own informed decision’s about using essential oils internally, due to doTERRA’s commitment to provide us with a pure and potent product we feel very comfortable using these oils internally in moderation. You can learn more about their strict CPTG testing procedures here.


You can also find more information regarding using doTERRA’s oils internally here:





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